The Official Nefarious Clothing Gift Guide

The Official Nefarious Clothing Gift Guide

1. Upcycled Scrunchies

ALL of our scrunchies are made from fabric remnants + preloved fabrics that would have otherwise ending up in a landfill. With a wide variety of patterns/fabrics to choose from - these are the perfect stocking stuffer!


2. Kimonos 

I think by now everyone has figured out that kimonos are definitely a fashion MUST. Each of our kimonos are handcrafted. An undeniably comfortable fit while also looking amazing is hard to resist! 

3. Sunday Tee

We’ve stepped out of our comfort zone and are ecstatic to be presenting our first handcrafted tee! This boxy tee is designed for style, comfort, and versatility. 

4. For the Make-Up Lover

These clutches were handmade by a small business in the Niagara Region. Sophie’s Custom Creations specializes in custom giftware for absolutely every occasion! These stunning bags feature a full zip top and a metallic vinyl quote! 

5. When in doubt, GIFT CARDS!

Sometimes it’s just best to let them pick something out! We offer gift cards in different denominations that can be purchased through our site and guess what? They never expire! 


Don’t forget to add gift-wrapping as part of your order to save yourself the hassle!  

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