Why Did I Choose Clothing?

Why Did I Choose Clothing?

     Fashion and clothing has always been something of an interest to me whether I was aware of it or not. I loved going shopping, learning about new trends, and experimenting with different (sometimes cringeworthy) clothing.

     One day I decided to go fabric shopping with a close friend and legitamately enjoyed going through the endless options of fabric. I bought some fabric that day, but now I need a sewing machine. And I had absolutely zero idea on how to work it whatsoever. I wanted to make something that I would use - that's where clothing comes in. 

     Many, many swear words later (just kidding, they never stop) I became comfortable with making something that was worthwhile. Sewing became something that keeps my mind occupied, my hands busy, and I get to create. 

     I get to create clothing that encourages expression and makes you feel like you can take on the world. 

Stay safe & lovely <3

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